Loan Products

  • Farm Building Scheme for Farmers:

    Regular Kisan Credit Card holders availing this facility for new construction as well as for repairing of farm building house;

  • Two Wheeler loan to Farmers:

    Particularly this scheme is very useful to farmers for supervision at night to their farm and other farm activities in timely reaching to his farm for timely Agricultural work.

    Tie-up arrangements are entered into with reputed manufacturers/company to provide benefits like discount and free services under the scheme.

  • Scheme for financing Tractors :

    Most of our Bank's service area coming under farm activities. Those Farmers who need tractor for Agriculture purpose are facilitated by tie-up with manufacturers/company of various tractors with cheapest rate and free service facility for tractor.

  • Gramin Kisan Credit Card Scheme :

    To meet the financial requirement for various Agricultural operations for cultivation of crops and for other allied work. Also contingency amount is available from the bank as per terms and guidance given by Government of India/RBI with Subvention rate of interest. Personal Accident Insurance Scheme (PAIS) is also applicable in the scheme.

  • Micro Irrigation System through GGRC:

    GGRC Ltd. is sponsored by Government of Gujarat. Farmers are being financed by Bank for installation of Micro Irrigation System with technical guidance/support through GGRC.

  • Bhumiheen Kisan Credit Card Scheme:

    Tenant farmers & Share Croppers farmers are being financially facilitated for various Agricultural operations covered under this scheme.

  • Financing to Village level Milk Co-operative Society for on lending to their members:

    Members of Milk Co-operative Societies, who desire to purchase high yielding and improved breed of milky animals are being financed under this scheme, through Milk Co-operative Society.

  • Vermi-compost scheme:

    Farmers are covered to provide term finance under the scheme for development of their land by establishing Vermi-compost unit at their farm.

  • Rural Godown Scheme:

    Farmers are being granted Term Loan under the Scheme as per NABARD guidelines for financial assistance with subsidy.

  • Public Housing Loan Scheme:

    Businessmen, Artisans, Salaried persons and others, who want to construct new house/repairing of their existing house, are being financed under the scheme on cheapest rate of interest with suitable repayment period.

  • Gramin Suvidha Loan Scheme (Clean Loan Scheme to Salaried class) :

    Salaried class persons, whose salary is paid through our Bank /other banks are covered under the scheme for granting personal loan up to Rs. 1.00/0.50 lakhs.

  • Two Wheelers loan scheme for businessman, salaried class, farmers, etc. :

    Middle class of society such as businessman, rural artisans, farmers, salaried class, etc. who want to purchase new two wheeler are being covered under the scheme.

  • Trade Finance Scheme:

    Retail traders, manufacturers, small industrialist, etc., who are linked with trading activities are being covered under the scheme by providing short term cash credit facility.

  • Swarojgar Credit Card Scheme:

    The middle class people in the villages, other than agriculturists, such as rickshaw drivers, small artisans, small retail traders, etc. are covered under the scheme upto the loan of Rs. 25,000/-

  • loan for Repairing/Renovation of residential houses to KCC holders:

    Regular Kisan Credit Card (KCC) holders are being covered under the scheme for repairing/renovation of their residential houses.

  • Dena Gujarat Gramin General Credit Card Scheme :

    Small Marginal / farmers, small artisans, retail traders, rural artisans are being covered under the scheme to avail General Credit Card upto Rs. 25,000/-, as clean loan.

  • Temporary Overdraft to Salaried Class persons :

    Salaried class persons whose salary accounts are with our Bank and request for availing temporary over draft, are being granted TOD under the scheme for a period of 1 Month.

  • Dena Gujarat Gramin Mortgage Loan Scheme:

    Immovable property holders may avail finance under the scheme as per bank�s norms.

  • DGGB Rent Scheme:

    Scheme Provides credit facility to Landlords � may be Individuals, Corporate, Trusts, etc. who have given their properties on rental basis to Bank's/FIs/PSUs./Reputed Limited Companies, etc.

  • DGGB Gramin Senior Citizen Scheme :

    Senior Citizens are covered for finance at concessional rate under DGGB Gramin Senior Citizen Scheme, who are availing pensions from our Bank.

  • Vehicle Finance Scheme:

    Loans to purchase Two/Three/Four wheeler vehicles is available under the scheme to Government Servicemen, Doctors, Artisans, etc.

  • Vidhya Upasana :

    Educational loan for carrying out study in India / abroad for graduation/post graduation other technical education, professional etc. is available under the scheme.

  • Dena Gujarat Swachchha Gramin Yojana :

    Finance to public in rural areas for construction of bathroom/lavatory facility, is available under the scheme.

  • Dena Gujarat Paryavaran Suraksha Yojna:

    A scheme for providing finance for Conversion/Retrofitting of CNG/LPG kits in Auto Rickshaws.

  • Cold Storage mortgage loan scheme:

    To extend overdraft facilities for running/maintenance of Cold Storage units, designed for storage of agricultural produce to meet out the recurring expenses.

  • Gruh Laxmi Rasoi Gas Yojana :

    To provide finance to women for obtaining new LPG connection having two gas cylinders / for availing connection for supply of LPG through pipelines to utilize the same in kitchen for day to day work for domestic purpose.